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A Transformed Therapy Without Walls Project Wins Top Award

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 28, 2018 10:47:00 AM / by Scott G. Truehl

Scott G. Truehl

Therapy_wo_Walls_Final_08There was no magic involved, but our clients at Therapy Without Walls in Reedsburg, Wisconsin reacted as though there might have been. That’s because the Friede team began with a big, old red barn and magically transformed it into an inviting, new office space.

As a result, Therapy Without Walls’ new facility earned 2017 Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC) Project of Distinction honors, earning the Gold Award in the Restoration & Renovation category. The project involved the remodeling of a 5,200-square-foot former bargain furniture store to accommodate offices, therapy rooms, meditation rooms, a large break room, and a dual-purpose conference room.

Today, the building is unrecognizable as the large bargain barn retail outlet that once dominated a section of Reedsburg’s Main Street. Visitors familiar with the “old building” still marvel at the transformation — a suitable metaphor for the transformative work that takes place inside Therapy Without Walls.

The $382,000 project began on November 30, 2016. Therapy Without Walls was able to move in by late February, 2017. All exterior work was completed before the June 15, 2017 grand opening.

Brand New Inside and Out

Therapy_wo_Walls_Final_10From the exterior re-theming and entry with cultured stone to the multiple interior spaces, mechanical systems, and amenities, the project scope created a structure that appears brand new, inside and out. It also succeeds in presenting to the public an attractive and professional facility suitable for a community therapy center.

Completely new interior finishes and extensive exterior upgrades—including the construction of a new entry vestibule and the addition of stone to the building exterior—were major elements of this renovation project.

While Friede performed more than 35 percent of project work, we were pleased to be assisted by 36 ABC (Associated Builders and Contractors) members who did excellent work on a variety of project tasks.

Step-by-Step: “The Excitement is Building”

Bargain Barn Exterior | Therapy Without WallsTurning a former bargain furniture mart into a professional office building to house a growing counseling practice and therapy center proved once again that at Friede & Associates, “The Excitement is Building!”

But before the groundbreaking came some critical preparatory work. Therapy Without Walls, a growing six-year-old counseling and therapy center serving 11 counties across central Wisconsin, had been in the market for new space for some time. Center staffers worked with Friede to locate and analyze several other suitable re-use properties in Reedsburg before coming across the vacant barn-style building. The structure, part of a series of wood-frame pole sheds along Main Street, had been finished with bright red metal exterior panels and very little in the way of interior finishes. 

Once the building was under contract, the Friede team began working on the plans—including a project budget for the center to use for its financing of the renovation. Creativity in the design allowed us to utilize value engineering to bring the project into the client’s budget.  As a part of the value engineering process, elements of the project were prioritized (including the necessary site and exterior work) to ensure that dollars spent would generate maximum return.

Based on preliminary plans and budgets, Therapy Without Walls authorized Friede and Mente Engineering, Friede’s design-build partner for the project, to complete the plans during the fall of 2016 and obtain all the necessary approvals to begin the project at the end of November.

Therapy without walls | Friede & AssociatesOur work at Therapy Without Walls began in earnest in December, starting with—ironically—the construction of hundreds of linear feet of interior walls. For its therapeutic counseling work with individuals, families, and community members, the center needed offices, art spaces, meeting areas, play rooms, a meditation room, and more. The project also included significant mechanical work and a new lighting system. A new entry vestibule was also constructed during the winter months.

The Final Touches

therapy without walls | Friede & Associates | WisconsinWe were all happy to welcome spring. Once the weather improved, work commenced on the exterior makeover and the new look of Therapy Without Walls started to blossom.  

One major improvement involved building site drainage and we altered existing grades to prevent the building from flooding with every major rain.  New cultured stone was added to create a wainscoting on the building exterior. Then, sidewalks were installed to change the focus and orient the entry point of the building towards Main Street.

The final touch? Goodbye, bright red barn — the bane of Main Street. Hello, professional and inviting grey office building — a true community asset in the heart of Reedsburg. 

Not magic — just the wise planning, quality construction, and exceptional teamwork that Friede & Associates seeks on every project. We’re proud to have worked with a great client and talented ABC members to bring home the gold.

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Scott G. Truehl

Written by Scott G. Truehl

Executive Vice President & Partner—With more than 30 years of experience in site selection and commercial development, Scott is responsible for assisting clients with not only their project development, but also their site analysis/acquisition, municipal approval and development needs. Scott is an active member and presenter at the international Construction Leadership Network and is a speaker at both national and state contracting conferences on topics including: creating a positive corporate culture; marketing construction services; design-build construction; and working with Realtors and developers. He also routinely participates in “Meet the Generals” programs around the state of Wisconsin and speaks to hundreds of trade contractors each year on how to effectively work with general contractors. For more than three decades, Scott has served the Wisconsin community in various roles: as a city councilman in Madison and Stoughton, as well as on numerous municipal boards, committees and economic development commissions.

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