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4 Advantages of Working With An Accredited Quality Contractor

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 7, 2017 10:37:00 AM / by Scott G. Truehl

Scott G. Truehl

AQC-Accredited Contractor

Friede & Associates is pleased and proud to again be designated as an Accredited Quality Contractor (AQC) by the Associated Builders & Contractors. This accreditation is important to us—not just because we believe it helps us. We are certain that it also helps our clients.

Bottom line: AQC contractors are good corporate citizens, and Friede is one of only three AQC-Qualified general contractors in Wisconsin. In addition, for the last 12 years, we have earned silver or gold in the mandatory STEP (Safety Training Evaluation Process) program.

ABC-AQC.pngWhat is AQC?
The Associated Builders & Contractors of Wisconsin (ABC-Wisconsin) AQC program is a third-party national accreditation process which recognizes construction firms that document their commitment to quality achievement in four designated areas of corporate responsibility. Those four areas are: (1) Safety, (2) Employee Benefits, (3) Training, and (4) Community Relations and Outreach Activities.

Accreditation in STEP is a requirement for ABC’s prestigious AQC designation at the diamond, gold, or platinum level. That means that we willingly documented our activities, submitted volumes of information about our company’s policies and practices, and invited rigorous examination of our company by ABC’s accrediting staff.

While those four areas might appear on the surface to affect us more than you, in fact they have an impact on the work we do for you. They are integral in generating positive outcomes for our customers.

Heres How You Benefit
Let’s take a look at each of the four areas of corporate responsibility. First, we’ll note what each one entails. Then, we’ll tell you why it should matter to you.

1) Safety
Firms seeking AQC status must submit incident information, OSHA records and documents, and other information related to their records of safety as well as their efforts to promote jobsite safety. Our AQC status means our safety training practices and our safety record for the past year are among the best in the nation. Specifically, we had no job-related fatalities or safety infractions. Our safety practices are sound and are enforced throughout the organization.

Notably, contractors who achieve AQC honors are 770% safer than the industry average.

What this means to you: Our firm, like other AQC-accredited companies, can keep costs reasonable because our insurance costs are lower because incidents are rare. It also means projects proceed smoothly without interruptions caused by on-the-job incidents.

Scott Truehl and Roger Friede2) Employee Benefits
To earn our AQC designation, we had to prove that we excel in the area of employee benefits—i.e. offering both salaried and hourly employees benefits that are above or beyond the norm for the construction industry.

What this means to you: Well-paid employees with good benefits are happy team members who stay with the company for a long time, gaining years of meaningful experience and expertise that they use to directly benefit our clients. In short, well-compensated and respected staff will treat our clients well and perform at the highest level.

3) Training
AQC designees must provide letters submitted by training providers that confirm their employees successfully received craft and/or management education.

What this means to you: This means that all of the staff we assign to your project are properly trained. As a result, we can do our highest quality work, without disruptions or incidents, on a consistent basis over time.

4) Community Relations and Outreach Activities
As an AQC-accredited contractor, we had to provide evidence of continued community involvement and document our efforts to improve the image of the construction industry.

What this means to you: Bottom line, this proves that our firm desires to be a quality, community enhancer for a long time. We’re not in this business to make a short-term profit; we’re in the construction business to be a long-term asset to our clients, our community, our staff, and the industry. Our outreach activities help us understand the needs our clients have and how best to assist them in achieving their goals. We understand that the best way to pursue our own success is to also contribute to your success.

Alphabet Soup
We know it seems like an “alphabet soup” sometimes—ABC, AQC, STEP. We’re all living in a world of acronyms that can be confusing at times. But this is an important designation for us and for you. We hope this blog post helps you understand the ABCs of how we seek to serve your construction needs today and well into the future.

If you’d like to know more, don’t hesitate to get in touchFriede & Associates does more than just build structures. We take our clients' ideas and make them a reality. Our pre-construction services include site analysis, financing, approvals, permitting, cost control, scheduling, and much more. If you need a well-oiled team to help you get your project off the ground, contact us today...

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About Friede:

When you select Friede & Associates, you are buying more than our quality-assured construction services. You also get the performance and reliability of some of the top suppliers and subcontractors in the area. While other contractors may be cutting quality to remain competitive on price, Friede is forging relationships with members of the project team to bring you the best value and highest quality for your investment.

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Scott G. Truehl

Written by Scott G. Truehl

Executive Vice President & Partner—With more than 30 years of experience in site selection and commercial development, Scott is responsible for assisting clients with not only their project development, but also their site analysis/acquisition, municipal approval and development needs. Scott is an active member and presenter at the international Construction Leadership Network and is a speaker at both national and state contracting conferences on topics including: creating a positive corporate culture; marketing construction services; design-build construction; and working with Realtors and developers. He also routinely participates in “Meet the Generals” programs around the state of Wisconsin and speaks to hundreds of trade contractors each year on how to effectively work with general contractors. For more than three decades, Scott has served the Wisconsin community in various roles: as a city councilman in Madison and Stoughton, as well as on numerous municipal boards, committees and economic development commissions.

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